Why Portland SEO Experts Are the Best in the Business of Website Auditing

Picture this: You are extra excited as you eventually got to page one on Google, simply to find you are down to Page 20 the next day. You did not see this coming and are truly disappointed.

This is the real world of internet and online marketing with Google in the picture in a big way. In most situations, hapless entrepreneurs are left in the dirt pondering over what happened. This is why you need trusted Portland SEO experts to take care of your website auditing to discover what went wrong.
Why is a Website Audit Needed?
Every would be online marketing business owner should consider a Website Audit so they can get a Birdseye view of how their website does regarding professional reviews, site analysis that also includes the various inbound links and content used.

Also, getting a website audit will cover some of the following:

● The design of your site and the structure of your pages
● How your backlinks are performing
● Which target long-tail keywords would work best for your Niche
● Any possible link and page errors that are present
● Do your page title and headlines captivate the attention of
● your readers
● If your meta description seizes the heart of your
● information
● Is there any copied content that needs changing
● How about the architectural structure of your URL

These are by no means a comprehensive analysis as a much deeper
auditing process needs to be carried out

Web auditing is a pre-requisite before you even think of optimizing your website. It is crucial for your online business to have Search Engine Optimization experts in Portland examine your website and put the necessary resources in place before letting them alter your SEO campaign for the better.

Come to think about it; your website is at the center of your prospects attention due to your marketing strategies, social networking, PPC, and SEO – all of which directs traffic to your website.

Having a site that is defective can flush all your hard work down the drain. On the other hand, letting SEO agencies like Moving Mountains Advisors do an audit and taking the necessary action will contribute significantly to keep your site performing correctly. This is why a Website Audit is so important as it follows various corrective procedures once any problems are found.

Performing an audit is the first step in the right direction as far as Google updates are concerned. After all, this major search engine quickly rolls out anywhere between 500 plus algorithms annually if not more. Can you see the importance of getting a Website Audit done at least once a year?
Be Prepared for Algorithm Update by Google

Any business owner with an online web presence dread Google Algorithm updates. Any potential hiccups can effectively be prevented utilizing a Website Audit, which includes being protected from algorithm updates.

After all, Google is all about improving the quality of content presented on the net, which is why they are forever tweaking their algorithms. Website owners need to ensure they are prepared at all times.

Two of the most feared algorithms are Panda and Penguin. Since 2011, there has been a total of 25 Panda update. Starting in 2012, there have been 3 Penguin updates. As you can imagine, these algorithms affected an enormous percentage of search inquiries. We are talking about 41.4 percent. While Panda would focus on sites that have low-quality content, Penguin focuses on web spam. You can stay on top of your game by having a regular web audit done. The technological advancements made is astounding. Business owners certainly do not want to be left at the back of the online marketing wagon, but be at the forefront.

Letting seasoned Online Marketing Experts such as Moving Mountains Advisors do your website audit will also allow you to see how many visitors frequent your site along with where you are ranking currently. Google Optimization is their specialty and will ensure your page achieve a high page rank and prominently feature on the first pages of Google.

Do yourself a favor and get hold of one of the team members by reaching out on (800)955-9373 today. They offer the best ever analysis and are totally honest in their dealings with prospective small to large business owners.